Unblocked Games 77

Unblocked Games 77 is a popular website that offers a large collection of free online games that can be played at school or work. The games on the site are not blocked by filters, making it a go-to destination for those looking to play games in restricted networks. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Unblocked Games 77, the games available, and how to access the site.

What is Unblocked Games 77?

Unblocked Games 77 is a free online games website that allows users to play a wide range of web-based games that are typically blocked on school, work, and even home networks. The site provides access to games from categories like action, sports, puzzle, arcade, shooting, and more.

The site gets its name from originally having 77 unblocked games that could be played. Now it offers hundreds of unblocked games that get around network filters by using different domains and mirror sites.

Some key things to know about Unblocked Games 77:

  • Free to access and play games
  • No downloads required
  • Works on any computer or mobile device
  • Wide range of popular web-based games
  • Gets around blocked filters by using proxy sites
  • New games added regularly

Popular Games on Unblocked Games 77

Unblocked Games 77 provides access to hundreds of different games spanning multiple genres and game types. Here are some of the most popular games currently available on the platform:

Action Games

  • Run 3 – The latest installment in the Run franchise, offering stylish 3D graphics.
  • Temple Run 2 – Outrun demon monkeys while collecting coins and powerups.
  • Tank Trouble – A 1v1 tank battle game with different arenas to fight in.
  • Road of Fury – Drive down a highway and take out enemies in this action shooter.
  • Subway Surfers – Escape the inspector and trains while free running through subway tracks.

Sports Games

  • Basketball Stars – Face off in competitive 3v3 basketball using flick controls.
  • Football Legends – Assemble a team of soccer legends for a tournament.
  • Table Tennis – Ping pong simulation with realistic ball physics.
  • Skiing Yeti Mountain – Race down ski slopes while pulling off tricks and jumps.

Puzzle Games

  • Snail Bob 7 – Guide Bob the snail through challenging puzzles and obstacles.
  • Raft Wars 2 – Defeat opponents by building your raft and strategically firing coconuts.
  • Fireboy and Watergirl 1 – Cooperate with fireboy and watergirl to solve puzzles.
  • Cut the Rope – Feed the adorable Om Nom candy by cutting ropes and avoiding obstacles.
  • Battle Blocks – Rotate and match blocks to clear the board before blocks stack up.

Arcade Games

  • Strike Force Heroes 2 – Customize a character and go to battle in this action packed shooter.
  • Fleeing the Complex – Break out of prison and make an epic escape with multiple endings.
  • Shell Shockers – Battle online players as an egg armed with heavy artillery weapons.
  • Moto X3M – Perform insane stunts on your motorbike across challenging levels.
  • The Impossible Quiz – Answer seemingly impossible questions across 120 puzzling levels.

Shooting Games

  • Duck Life 4 – Train a duck in racing and shooting challenges to build a championship team.
  • Gun Mayhem 2 – Equip heavy weaponry for an all-out battle against other players.
  • Combat Tournament Legends – Test accuracy and speed in this online multiplayer shooter tournament.
  • Bowman 2 – Fire arrows at enemies and lead your army to victory.
  • Gunblood – Draw your weapon first in this classic western shootout game.

And Many More!

The list above only scratches the surface of the vast library of games available on Unblocked Games 77. You’ll also find puzzle, strategy, educational, and dress-up games, among many other genres. New games are frequently added to keep the collection fresh and exciting.

Accessing Unblocked Games 77

Since Unblocked Games 77 provides access to games typically blocked by filters, you need to access proxy sites or mirrors to get around the restrictions. Here are the main ways to access Unblocked Games 77:

  • Official website – ugames77.weebly.com is the official Unblocked Games 77 website. It is frequently blocked, but trying it directly may allow access.
  • Proxy sites – These mirror sites act as proxies to give access to the blocked games. Examples include ugames.space, ug77.game, and ugetunblocked.com.
  • Vpn – A VPN masks your network identity and location, allowing access to blocked games sites. Some popular VPNs include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.
  • Third-party sites – Sites like unblockallgames.net provide lists of working Unblocked Games 77 mirrors that can circumvent filters.
  • Web proxies – Web proxy sites like hide.me allow you to freely browse sites like Unblocked Games 77 without blocks.

The best method depends on how strictly games are blocked on your particular network. Trying multiple access points is key, as mirror sites go down periodically.

5 Benefits of Unblocked Games 77

There are several advantages that make Unblocked Games 77 a top destination for playing online games at school and work:

1. Play Games Anywhere – By using mirror sites and proxies, the games can be accessed from restricted networks. This makes boredom a thing of the past.

2. Large Selection of Games – With hundreds of games across genres like action, puzzle, RPG, and retro, there are more than enough options to stay entertained.

3. New Games Added Frequently – The game library is always expanding thanks to new titles being added on a regular basis.

4. Free to Play – All of the games are completely free to play, with no ads or paywalls interrupting the fun.

5. Works on Any Device – The HTML5 and WebGL games work seamlessly on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. No downloads required.

Is Unblocked Games 77 Safe to Use?

Using Unblocked Games 77 as well as any proxy sites does come with certain risks. Since these sites are designed to get around filters, they often lack oversight and moderation. Players should be cautious, especially when accessing mirror links.

That said, using secure connections and avoiding suspicious downloads can greatly minimize risks. Sticking to the primary Unblocked Games 77 site is the safest option. Ultimately, playing blocked games at school or work presents a far greater risk than using the platform itself.

Tips for Using Unblocked Games 77

Here are some key tips to get the most out of Unblocked Games 77:

  • Try multiple mirror links until you find one that works. Unblocked sites often get blocked themselves.
  • Use a VPN for a reliable connection if other mirrors are down. VPNs encrypt your traffic.
  • Bookmark any working mirrors to save time finding a connection later.
  • Only play games when allowed to avoid attracting attention and getting the site blocked.
  • Disable audio and keep volume low unless headphones are permitted.
  • Click the refresh button occasionally if a game freezes due to connection issues.
  • Avoid downloading anything from unblocked sites and stick to playing online.

Unblocked Games 77 Alternatives

If you can’t access Unblocked Games 77, here are some similar sites that offer great libraries of unblocked games:

  • UnblockedGames6.com
  • CrazyGames.com
  • ReplaySquad.com
  • UnblockedGamesPod.com
  • GameUnblocked.net
  • MaxUnblocked.com

These sites have collections of HTML5 games that can bypass firewalls and open up access to fun games at school or work. They are good options if your network has blocked the main Unblocked Games 77 website.

The Future of Unblocked Games

While network filters continue to improve at blocking proxy gaming sites, the creators of unblocked platforms are committed to finding ways around the censorship. The cat and mouse game between game publishers and firewall developers is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

More sophisticated solutions may arise, such as encrypted gaming platforms, to offer censorship-free gaming. For now, mirror sites and VPNs remain effective options to access Unblocked Games 77 and similar platforms. One thing is certain – the demand from students, employees, and gaming fans for ways to circumvent filters during downtime will only grow in the future.


Unblocked Games 77 remains one of the top online destinations for accessing a vast library of games that provide entertainment during dull moments at school or work. While networks continue to play whack-a-mole blocking proxy sites, new mirrors and technologies ensure the games remain unblocked.

With hundreds of free, fun games that can be played without downloads on any device, it’s easy to see why Unblocked Games 77 maintains widespread popularity. Just stay vigilant, use the site wisely, and game on!

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